Friday, February 5, 2010

Hello! Hiya! Hey There! Hey.
So I had been on holiday since 25 November last year and as most of you know I went into holiday mode and literally did nothing... or at least upload anything. I promised some folk I would do an exhibition in March. That isn't going to happen purely because I've been slacking and I started at AFDA on Monday (yay?) and it looks like that place will have me by the balls for the next 3 years, if not longer.
Anyway, just a heads up and because I felt like posting something, I have some pictures that are going to go up within the next few days (I promise!) of Damn Right (from their video launch), Taxi Violence, The Revelators, Bruce Willis??, Holiday Murray, Popskarr and Sweat.x... there are probably some that I'm missing out, but that's all I know of so far. 
Get excited so long.
Speak again soon... hopefully next time I will have visuals.
But for now, I leave you with a picture of "my dad", Phil.